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Friday, June 14, 2019

Udti Patang


Soaring above the clouds,
Touching the skies.
Raising against the odds,
Kissing the winds.
Never in the sidelines,
Always in the spotlight.
Voyaging beyond the string
tugging her tight.

Higher she flies,
Higher she flies.

Leaving the onlookers
Dazed and confused,
Leaving her mark
Wherever she chooses.
In a field full of hoppers,
She jumps and she dances.
She looks down at the clouds
As she shoots for the stars.

Merriment fills their eyes
As they look up with dropped jaws
The string tugs at her as she strays too far
She nods her head and never loses sight

Higher she flies,
Higher she flies.
Spreading joy unbounded
Into the skies.