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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Movie Review : Sleep Tight

Title : Sleep Tight
Language : Spanish
Year : 2011
Director : Jaume Balaguero
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller
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Lead Role :  

Sleep Tight portrays the rather monotonous and lonely life of Cesar, who presently works as an apartment concierge. He is quite convinced that he is born without the ability to be happy. To over come his boredom, he tries to make life miserable for others as well. In particular he chooses Ms. Clara, a young and happy tenant of the apartment. He breaks into her apartment at nights, and carries on with his hobbies to put it mildly. I hate to give away the plot of the movie so stopping here.

Though it is a thriller, the movie is not fast paced which gives you an adrenaline rush. Yet the plot is gripping and intense, and often you wonder what would happen next. The film does not fall under the genre horror in the strictest sense of the word. That is because there are no ghosts or any paranormal activities going on.

But, when people around you start acting worse than how ghosts might do, you know that is horrifying enough.

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