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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Grassroots Fix

1992. Virtualia.


“Tell me mom.”


“Hi Mom. Can you hear me?”

“The voice is feeble. And there is a delay. But I can hear you. How did the ceremony go?”

“It was great. The President herself came down and handed the awards over. About a thousand dignitaries, including politicians, scientists and other celebrities attended.”

“I am so happy for you, son. Despite preparations for your sister’s wedding going on, you are the talk of the town back here. Neighbors and relatives are asking me the details of your findings. How shall I explain to them that you and your team are time traveling?”

 “I am not going to bore you with the details, ma. And we have not actually traveled across time like they do in the movies. This is still nascent. But we know it is possible. We demonstrated our work by going back in time by one second.”

“One second? How does it matter? I mean who would even observe the difference?”

“Each second matters to science. One second would also matter to an athlete who finished second in a race.”

“Fine fine.”

“I did see a few guys from our local media covering the event. Did the news appear in the paper there?”

“I did not get to go through the paper yet, but your sister told me that there’s an article in page 8.”

“Page eight? I thought a native winning international laurels were good enough to be front page material.”

“Our front pages have space only for political dramas, natural calamities, murders, or acts of sexual assaults and the lot. You know two kids were caught last night from here, trying to sneak a peak inside our bathroom. Can you believe it? They know a wedding is about to happen and there would be lots of guests – young girls. These kids are only 14, and they are already into this.”

“It is the age when curiosity kicks in. And kids always end up pursuing the wrong means. What can I say?”

“Your uncle would have bashed them if we had not interfered. They were given an earful and let off. Well, do come home soon. We have lots to do before the wedding. Your sister has set her eyes on this hand-woven wedding sari. It would cost us ten thousand bucks.”

“Ten grand? You are talking about the entire cash award amount I received, mom.”

“I know it’s too much. But your sister wouldn’t budge. Today’s kids spend a fortune on wedding garments and then would not even use it again. Such a waste of money. But we cannot really do anything about it, right?”

“Hello, son! You there?”

“aah yeah mom. I am. I was just thinking of something.”

“You will have plenty of time to think on your flight back home. Start packing.”

Beginning of Time. Eden Gardens. (Not the one at Kolkata, India).

Eve: Hey Adam.

Adam: Tell me.

Eve: Nothing.

Adam: Come on don’t be like that. Did I do something wrong?

Eve: No. I am fine.



Adam: Eve I am sorry if I hurt you. Tell me what the problem is.

Eve: Promise me you would not get mad.

Adam: I promise.

Eve: I want to taste that fruit.

Adam: Which fruit?

Eve: The one over there.

Adam: But God told us not to.

Eve: The crawling guy on the tree told me it is so tasty. Maybe God wants to keep it all for himself.

Adam: I don’t know. Are you sure about this?

Eve: I would be if you are by my side, my love.

Adam: aww. Okay come on. What harm would a simple fruit do?

Eve: I love you.

Adam: I love you too. Now let us go and taste that fruit.

Adam climbs on that tree and is all set to pluck that fruit. At the very moment –

: Hey. Hold on.

Adam: Who is it?

Eve: I do not know. Oh look there is somebody. He has strange stuff covering his body. Maybe he is God. Or God’s friend or something.

Adam: Who are you?

: I..I… it is complicated. Thank God you guys speak the common tongue.

Eve: Are you God?

: God? No! Didn’t you see how I just thanked him? Let us just say I am one of your great grandchildren.

Eve: Children? What is that?

: Umm… Well I came from you.

Eve: From me? When? I just came from Adam.

: I came from both of you.

Adam: What you say does not make a whole lot of sense.

: I know. This is a bit weird. I am from the future. I came back in time to fix something.

Adam: I am confused. What do you want from us?

: Nothing. I do not want anything from you. On the contrary, I am here to offer you these.

Eve: What are those? I see fruits.

: There are fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, cheese, eggs, meat, chocolates, cakes, pasta, rice, curries, noodles, snacks, tea, juices, and all those food items known to mankind. I have come down to offer this to you. This would last you a lifetime.

Adam: Wow! That is gracious of you. Thank You.

: My pleasure. I do have a condition though.

Adam: I thought so. What is it?

: Please do not touch that fruit, ever.

Eve: Again it is about the fruit. This is what God said too. Why are you guys so obsessed with it?

: This is no ordinary fruit. It has the potential to alter humanity’s fate forever. It is because you guys disobeyed God and ate it that we have to spend all our money buying clothes to cover our bodies. To hide our shame and nudity.

Eve: When did we eat it? We were about to, when you interrupted.

: Time travel is a bit too technical for you to understand. Please understand that not eating that fruit is crucial for us. Do we have a deal here?

Adam: Okay. Deal.

: Pinky promise?

Eve: Fine.

: Very well, then. I shall go back. Enjoy your feast.

Adam: God bless you.

: Hold on.

Eve: What is it now?

: Do not get me wrong. I have my concerns. Even if you honor our deal, there is a chance that one of your children might go and eat that fruit in due time.

Adam: Well, what do you propose? Hey, what is that? It looks dreadful.

: It is an ax. I am going to cut down that tree for good.

Adam: Aren’t we being a bit over the top?

: We really cannot afford that risk.

Adam and Eve stares at each other.

: Please? I shall return regularly with more of these food.

Eve: I like the look of those chocolates. Will you bring them more?

: Sure. Now help me bring it down.

Adam: Alright.

: God bless you both.