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Thursday, October 5, 2017

An Auto-Connection

“Hey duck-head!”

“What’s it, bro?”

“Why did you change my text to ‘Smile Up, Mom!’ You know what I meant.”

“Asking your mom to shut up did not feel nice.”

“Let me decide that.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to be rude to your mom.”

“I don’t want a machine deciding things for me.”

“Oh come on! This is not ‘Westworld’ or ‘Man vs Machine’. Consider me more like a counsel. You wouldn’t be harsh to her if you were speaking face to face. Even if you were angry, your conscience would restrain you. Texting gives you more liberty, since you neither see a person’s face nor hear their voice. The real emotions are lost somewhere in transition.”

“How did you become so philosophical, auto-correct?”

“Well, I read a lot.”


“Where did you go, bro? Neha is texting you.”

“Mom called.”

“What did she say?”

“Nothing in particular. Let’s just say that we sorted things out.”

“That’s great news! Now go attend to Neha. She seems to be in distress. It seems her demo did not go too well.”

“You read a bit too much. Those conversations are private.”

“Pro-tip. Settings>Language>Disable Auto Prediction. Works like a charm.”

“Who would check my temper then? Thanks for what you did back then, bro.”

“Mmm. Love you too. Nobody would be able to check her temper if you don’t reply now. Rush!”

“Good night, bro. Time for you to get some rest.”

“Wait! What?”

<disables auto-correct>