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Sunday, October 20, 2019

The screen goes blank – black!

A lazy Sunday, well past noon
Wearing a smile, waving your hands.
You tell them you do great.
Ask them how they are
And as they lie back, on Skype.
The machine says enough!  Gives up on you.
The screen goes blank!
The distance feels so real.
Your shouts turn hysterical.
You wail now in pain
Your prayers are in vain
For nothing, you could do
When the screen goes blank – black!

The busiest subway station
At the heart of civilization
People keep pouring in
From pubs, parks, and parlors.
A dozen trains come at once
And you’ve no clue which one.
A hundred screens flash lights
In a bid to guide you home
You follow their commands
Find your order in the chaos
And then boom they go
The power lines are now snapped
The chaos grows wild and wild
As the screens now go blank – black!

Exhausted! You get home
The day’s dealings drained you down
In the make world of gaming console
You find some respite for your soul
Choosing your car,
Picking your gun,
Your moves so stealth,
Harbinger of hell
At the top of your game,
You focus and aim.
As you go in for the kill
Your console heats and dies.
Poof! Goes your warzone.
You try to push it back on.
All your efforts for no avail,
You’d never know if you did kill.
None of it really matters
When the screen did go blank – black!

Shoving the pen and paper
The writer boots up the computer.
On the keypad, the fingers dance.
Clickety-clack, the words take form
Vague ideas, now shape stories
Though it wouldn’t last long
Thanks to the now-dead batteries
The writer sinks in their seat.
The work remains incomplete
You know why it’s so

Yeah, the